Welcome to the Help Desk of TuSOFT Management Information System. It is a system that enables authorized staff members to carry out certain operations securely and conveniently.

In order to perform any operation, you first need to login. For you to login, you must be created an account and be assigned a role.

User Registration

Any staff member who wants to perform certain operations through the system is required to first be created an account and then assigned certain role(s).

Registration requires that you kindly present your staff ID card with a confirmation of the role you would want to carry out in the system.

Steps on How to Login

  1. First, ensure you have already been created an account and assigned a user role.
  2. Enter your username. This is CASE INSENSITIVE, meaning, if your username was for example myname, then even if you enter MyName, myName, MYNAME, or mYNAME, etc, they will all be accepted.
  3. Enter password. Remember your password is CASE SENSITIVE, meaning, if your password was mypass, then if you happen to enter MYPASS, Mypass, MyPass,, they will NOT be accepted.
  4. Click on "Login" and wait for the authentication process to complete.

    KINDLY NOTE: You can attempt to login THREE TIMES ONLY. If you enter wrong login details more than THREE TIMES, then you account will be BLOCKED

Recovering Password

In order to recover your forgotten password:

  1. Click on the link 'Recover Password'.
  2. Enter your registered username.
  3. Answer the security question you set during account creation.
  4. Enter new password, and confirm the new password.
  5. Submit.
  6. Login using the new password entered.

Logging into the System

Unable to login?          Recover password       ::       Account blocked?          Check if activated